Happiness is real. It is not pretending. Why pretend and boast when it is not real. For example, when you argue with your spouse all the time... why pretend to the world your life is perfect? No one is perfect, so why try? I am just lucky to have what I do and be truly happy with my life, with my family, with my husband and with everything. Are there things I am not happy about? SURE! But I try to focus my life on the positive. It keeps me a very happy girl. My favorite comment that was made to my husband was when he was asked "is she always this happy? are y'all always this happy?" Michael turned and looked at this person and said "ummmm... yeh." Why would you stay married to someone if they weren't your best friend and you didn't get along. I don't understand that either... Anyway- I wanted to post about the things I am happy about because it is SUMMER vacation and I have time to think, reflect and be just me! Here's to an incredible summer of pool, beach and nursery finishing!!!!

Things that make me smile:

Topsail Island. I have grown up on this island and absolutely love it.
We are blessed to be a part of the island community and one day hope
to have a home of our own in paradise.

My four legged son. He makes me smile every day- I cannot
wait to see how he and Riley get along. :)

DURHAM! I love it here and I am so happy and thankful that my husband
loves Durham as much as I do. We cannot wait to take Riley to a Bulls
game next spring!

Our beautiful home that we have worked so hard to own all on our own.
I am so proud of my husband for all the hard work he has put into our home.
Thankful for the Marine Corps which helped us save the money we have
to be so secure right now.

My degree from UNC. I met such wonderful people and learned so much.
I am proud of my degree and lucky it has gotten me where it has today.

Our sweet baby girl, Riley Quinn. I cannot wait to meet her!
My daddy says she looks like I did when I was a baby.

Friends, Family and SUMMER!
Nothing is better than a day in the pool or a day on the sandbar
with incredible people. It is awesome that so much of our island
family lives right here in Raleigh/Durham/ CH and we can see them


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