23 weeks! (with an update at 23w1d)

How Far Along: 23 weeks About 2/3 of the way there! woohooo!!!
Size of baby: large mango
Total Weight Gain: yikes! i'm at 17 lbs this week- idk how i gained about 2 lbs seeing as i rode 30 miles on my bike this past weekend! oh well. i'm healthy and riley is healthy! - i may stop weighing myself this week actually considering my scale at the beach and home are different and plus, i want to stop stressing about it!
*UPDATE: I am taking advice from all of my baby board members- the scale is being buried until after October!
Maternity Clothes: still wearing old tops and dresses and some maternity clothes
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: still moving all the time
Sleep: sleeping great! especially now that it is summer break!
What I miss: not swelling in the summer humidity. lol
Cravings: none really
Symptoms: still nothing. life is good <3
Best Moment this week: strangers making comments about me being pregnant- i think it is cute :)


I know i vowed to toss the scales, but I just couldn't figure out why I was showing almost 3 lbs up in just a week ( a week that i rode 30 miles on my bike, walked a ton and ate pretty well...) I was under the impression that 1 lb a week was the norm.

Well, I got back on today and I am back down two more- so only about 1.5 lbs this week! WHFEW. lol. I know I am obsessing and it is stupid, but I was concerned. I think it must have been the fried pickles from the night before with the sodium and water retention on top of the humidity and water retention of the summer- especially because I just weighed myself at 4pm after eating breakfast and lunch and my usual weigh in is first thing in the am. So from here on out- no more weight obsessing... I am STILL on track and my baby girl is growing wonderfully. For anyone who would like to see the chart I use I will post it againhere. I know you can't measure perfectly to a "chart" but it is a good model as a reference to be sure I am not over or under doing it. My goal from here on out is to let the dr. decide though. No reason to be concerned since I am active, eat healthy and am in 23 weeks and only up about 16.5 -17 lbs. (She wants me to gain around 35).

So here's to eating healthy, staying in shape and not worrying!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

~let go laughing


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