baby shower numero uno

A complete surprise! Wow! Emalyn planned it all from Key West. She flew my brother and Andrew in and everything! It was incredible. Riley is one lucky little girl. I was in shock when mom and I were on our way out to dinner and she "forgot her purse" so we had to go back to her house and get it. The last day of school AND a surprise shower for Riley Q. PRICELESS! Everything was perfect. I saw people I have not seen in a long time and it made me cry! When I walked in and my brother was standing there I just lost it! I have a few other friends and family throwing me showers and I just feel so blessed to have such incredible people in our lives. I can't say that enough. Michael and I sat in Riley's room last night in complete awe of what we have for our baby girl. From bath tubs, to bottles, to diaper bags and blankets... we are so blessed. Michael says he is ready for her to be here now. So is Tyler. I think I want her to keep on growing first. haha. Although- I will say this getting closer to her arrival is making me very nervous. Not because of her being here... it's the her "getting her" process I am scared about. Haha. I'm a baby myself when it comes to pain. Drugs, please! Today we are spending the day by the pool with so many more amazing friends and family. I just can't wait for Riley to be able to join Dillon, Dylan, Elizabeth and all the other little ones next summer! She is going to have so many friends! Thank you for everything to all of you who made it here last night to share the special evening with us. It was incredible.


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