My goal this summer is to become better at sale-ing and coupon-ing. (thanks a lot spell check, i'm thinking it's time for this word to go into the dictionary now!) Anyway, this morning was our first attempt. Michael needed some nice dress clothes that fit him. (My hot bodied hubby has been working out every day! He looks awesome by the way.) We got some coupons to Belks and we noticed that today they had a "one day only" sale for Father's day and it was from 8-10am. No problem right? We usually get up at 7:30 on average and start our day anyway. Our plan of action: coffee shop, then mall. Well, we slept in. Haha. But only to 8:20, so we just reversed our plan to make it in time. We got to Belks and found Michael some nice dress pants (originally $65.00- sale price $34.99- with coupon = $30.99). He got a nice dress shirt (originally $65.00 - sale price $32.50- with coupon $28.78) And he got a tie (originally $59.50- sale price= $28.99 - after coupon = $17.39) We also swung a father's day gift originally $30 - sale price $19.99 - after coupon = 17.71. So our sub total today was $94.87. We saved a whopping $124.63!!! And, Michael has a nice dress outfit!!! So my next goal to defeat is the grocery store. I am always looking at the sales and the BOGO's and saving tons with my VIC card, but my goal is coupons now! SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! :)

Happy Saturday!
~let go laughing!!!


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