shopping for Riley Quinn

It's official- Riley already has more and better clothes than I do and her closet is already full!!!

Yesterday, Mom and I went boutique shopping for Riley. We got her some of the most adorable outfits. Today we are going shopping more. Mom said yesterday that she is going to be the "best dressed child around." I totally agree. And her mom and ma lolo are gonna go broke! Haha. I wanted to share some of the outfits. Most of them at this point we are purchasing 0-3 or 3 months. I hope she isn't a monster baby! Lol. We also haven't bought too many newborn outfits just in case she is bigger. Mom says she and Michael will go shopping if they need to once she arrives. I cannot wait for October! We are so excited to meet our little princess!

love the little bow leggings and peasant top!

love this romper- can't wait to see her in it.

mommy might have to get the one to match her for this one. i just love it!

some diaper covers and headbands we got her yesterday. We are getting her name on the bottom of one and initials on the the others. Riley Quinn is also going to be embroidered on the collar of that white dress.
my favorite purchase from yesterday! thanks ma-lolo!!
the bottom of one of her many Christmas outfits

three outfits from the boutique yesterday

i just had to get her this juicy outfit

this is another of my favorites that i cannot wait to see her in
this one matches her shoes and hat from LA!!!

Simone got these for mom in LA and sent them. Michael's favorite so far!

We cannot wait to see our baby girl in all of these outfits! I am vowing from this point forward to no longer post her adorable clothes until she is in them! So excited! We also bought her outfit today that she will wear home from the hospital. I cannot wait to see her in it!!!


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