life is full of surprises!

I finally gave in and asked a wonderful friend for a wonderful favor and she said YES! Let's just say the to-do list I have in the previous post just got a lot shorter and I couldn't be happier. I wish I knew how to mark things out and I would go marking away on here!!!

We got incredible news today from a neighbor on the island and life is just looking wonderful. We are so blessed with wonderful parents, family and friends that it is unbelievable!

I'm having a wonderful time with Rooms and Micah and I am so glad they got to come spend some time with us.

We have almost completely planned our mini "baby-moon" and
cannot wait to finalize the details! It just keeps getting better!!!!

I'm gonna hit the hay and I will update later on the news when everything is set in stone!

goodnight moon.

"one man's trash, is another man's treasure"


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