our beach life

it's so good. I can't believe my sweet husband got an amazing 10 days off! His bosses are pretty awesome. This is the most time he has had off at one time since our wedding and honeymoon three years ago! We had an incredible 10 days together on our sweet little island where we fell in love, where he proposed and where so much more has happened! In the beginning of our vacation, Sean proposed to Tai on the beach and we all celebrated. Then so many people joined us on the island for a fun week. Nanny and papa, Katie and Zach, Uncle, Summer, Julie and the Tesh's (minus Kelly) All of the Clifton's, Katelyn and her family... ADAM!!!! gosh, so many more people! It was such a great week filled with sandbar, beach, surfing boating and more! I just can't explain to people how incredible our island is. I am so lucky to have been raised on south topsail. We have been visiting the island since I was super young and have owned the house for more than half of my life. The south end has kept me out of trouble and in close relationships. Michael and I cannot wait to raise Riley on the south end! Every holiday (other than Christmas and sometimes new years), every summer, every weekend we just feel like "getting away..." It's going to be amazing. Oh and did I mention, we have a crib for the beach now!? Just have to find some cute and inexpensive bedding for her room there!

I decided to come home for a few days to be with Michael. I used to spend my whole summers at the beach. Especially when Michael was in the Marines either stationed down there or in Japan. But now that we have a home that I love so much and he is working in Durham, I love to come home and spend time in our house with him and not having to be at work. It is so nice to wake up and go get coffee and make breakfast. Not having any worries in the world. Summer is amazing. Being a teacher is one of the the hardest jobs I know of, but I must say, having the summer off is so awesome.

At home, we love to ride our bikes on the tobacco trail (might even be taking a ride tonight!), spend time in mom and dads pool, hang out at the gardens, go to bean traders and spend time with friends and family. I just feel so blessed and so lucky to have an amazing place to be anytime I want on the island and an incredible home in Durham with amazing people who truly care about us in both places. This morning I have just been thinking about how lucky we are and how we cannot wait to have Riley here to share all of this with us... To go to the sand bars, to sit on the beach, to just "do nothing" at home... We are so excited to meet her and cannot wait to hear her little heartbeat tomorrow at our 25 week appointment! 25 weeks! I can't believe it!!!

I will leave you with some pictures from the last ten days or so... :) Happy Monday to all!

~ let go laughing!
4th of july, before the parade

after the proposal

24 weeks and 3 days!

life is good...

homemade ice cream

dinner out "playing tourists"

4th of july karaoke

pregnant whale on her surf board with her partner in crime (adam) helping- LOL

sexy hubby!

did i mention i made 185 cupcakes for the party? Katie helped me ice them!


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