96 days to go... hope it all falls into place

I feel like there is a ticking time bomb in my brain right now... I think I need to make a check list... Gosh, between home and school starting soon... yikes! Let's see.. List making always makes me feel better, although this might not help. Haha

We still need: (a lot!) lol
  • stroller(s) - yes i want the jeep jogging one too! ;)
  • car seat and bases
  • high chair
  • swing
  • bottles for when michael feeds her
  • diapers
  • video monitor
  • SIDS monitor
  • New attachments for breast pump
  • ... I know I am forgetting plenty - guess i better check the registries!
Still need to:
  • figure out what to take to the hospital in my bag
  • hospital tour next Tuesday
  • lamaze on September 10th
  • maternity photos (August 14th)
To do in her room:
  • put up chair rail
  • get a lamp for the shade
  • buy curtain rods and put up the curtains
  • finish her closet (adding a second bar)
  • put a dimmer on the chandelier switch
  • two small birds hanging with ribbon on each side of the mirror
  • hang R Q S above the crib
  • finish BEE books
  • organize classroom
  • buy small fridge
  • lunch tags
  • bus rooms (handing off to someone else this year)
  • bus tags
  • behavior system
  • letter to the parents
  • magnets
  • work on website
  • lesson plans for first quarter while i AM there
  • 15ish weeks of sub plans for second quarter while I am out - need a schedule to get started on this... i may get started subject by subject and go from there... maybe (MAYBE) i'll take a closer look at stuff next week... I may have to wait until after leadership to feel more firm about a schedule.
  • leadership meeting august 4th
  • organize PLT binder so KG can take over while I am out
  • find all appropriate and needed paperwork for sub (progress reports, report card info, etc.)
  • get my data nb organized for assessments to begin in full swing
  • organize my day for reading workshop...

OK- i think i will stop now before i go into complete panic mode. I'm the type of person that likes things done ASAP. When things can't be done for any reason (schedule not ready, baby showers planned, etc.) it is hard for me to come to terms with NOT doing things. I would love to just go out and buy everything we need, have all my plans done and be in my classroom on the random days I have nothing to do to get started... the building is being painted and I can't be in my room... I think I will go do laundry now. :)

I'm sure if you have read this entire post, you are bored out of your mind and I want to ensure you that this is a "for me" post to help keep my life in line. lol.

More interesting posts to follow!

~let go laughing!


  1. For the hospital bag, bring loose clothes for you, like pajamas, sweat pants and looser t-shirts. A comfortable bra, nursing pads, old underwear you don't mind getting ruined (they give you mesh underwear things but I was more comfortable in my own), soap and stuff to take a shower with, socks, a pillow (I forgot this and could have kicked myself for it), snacks for you like chips, gatorade, water, phone/camera chargers. For the baby: she should be given a hat so unless there's one you want to bring, you don't have to, socks, receiving/swaddling blankets, outfit to go home in, some onesies or something to go underneath the blanket they swaddle her in, outfit/hair things to take pictures in. Oh and lanolin and breast pads. They may give you some but it's nice to have extra. All the essentials for the baby like diapers and wipes and alcohol for her belly button will be provided by the hospital. I know this is a bit long winded but sometimes it's better to pack too much than not enough, especially when you have a baby. And be prepared to come home with a ton more stuff than when you left, they give free samples of just about everything to new moms.

  2. thanks shea!! were so excited! :o)


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