life is good

Another wonderful weekend with wonderful family and friends. It's not often my husband gets to escape and spend an actual weekend at the beach. He was luck enough this summer to come for 10 days at the 4th of July and another weekend now! It was awesome. We spent Friday with Sara and Micah- Sara and I laid on the beach, the boys fished... Michael didn't get down until around 5, so Micah fished alone for a while. Friday night, the boys fished until 3am. Sara and I left the dock around 11:30 (yes, we're old party poopers.) Saturday we spent the entire day on the beach.

You would think as an island girl, raised on this island, spending the majority of the summer months and fall and spring weekends here that I would spend a lot of time at the ocean. Well, we don't. :) We spend a lot of time lounging on the docks, in the canal or in the waterway, on the boat or sandbar. It's rare that you will find us on the beach. But, when you do... it's not usually a small crowd. Saturday, it was so windy and SO hot that the only way to stand it was to sit in the water with our chairs. It was perfect! Again, the men fished and we watched. It was 100 degrees on the island. I really do not remember a time that the high has been 100 here. Maybe the heat index, but never the actual temperature. We spent the whole day up there with my family and Michael's family. It was very nice. *can you believe I didn't get a single picture! I stink! :( Saturday night we cooked an amazing dinner. We made pasta with freshly caught shrimp in alfredo sauce. I just LOVE those little shrimp when you boil them just right and throw them over pasta. Then, since it had finally cooled off and felt incredible out, Sara and I rode 4 miles on the bikes while (you guessed it...) the men fished some more. When we got back from our ride everyone had congregated over under the Tesh's house (missed you guys this weekend!). It was Drewsters 20th birthday and they just got back from a boat ride to dinner, my in-laws had just returned from church, Jamie was over with Cassie and some other people dropped in too. We sat and watched the boys fish and they caught 2 sting rays. We all packed up over there around 10 and headed for home. Today we woke up at 8 to go for a morning bike ride. Originally, Sara and I were going to go and stop for coffee, but Michael and Micah joined us and we grabbed breakfast at the beach shop.

When we got home, we packed up to head over to the dock for the day. We started off on the dock while the men.... fished. Then, daddy blew up the huge float with a mesh middle and mom, sara, mb, sue and I all climbed in a floated for several hours. The men waded in the water beside the float. Sara and Micah soon had to leave and hit the road for their 7 hour ride home... (I sure wish they lived closer!) We spent another few hours in the float until a storm seemed to be brewing over Hampstead. We climbed out and went to the porch for some pork tenderloin, cheese and other snacks. (Michael made me another virgin pina colada!) As we sat there, the storm pretty much passed us and we were watching people in a huge boat jump off the top. My mom and MIL were saying how fun it looked and I said "I dare you to jump off the pier!" Well, they had each already put sun dresses on and gotten out of their wet swim suits... but they went for it. Off they went! It was hilarious. My MIL is deathly afraid of the water but had no problem and they had a blast. (Other than her white dress, so she went in to change... into a black dress, not a swim suit...) The men decided it looked fun, so everyone joined in on the fun... except me because the two grandmas wouldn't let me jump... :( But I did have fun taking pictures. We are not sure about this new "planking" epidemic going on, but they decided to try that too. It was pretty funny. After that we decided to shower and head out to dinner for some Italian. It was another amazing island weekend with my husband, family, his family and good friends. I can't believe how close it is to summer coming to an end. I'm OK with it this year though because it means our Riley girl is coming. I just can't wait for fall!

Michael and I had originally planned a "baby-moon" to the mountains. We were going to get a cabin and spend a few days there together. As we started thinking about him taking time off and me still being off we decided we wanted to be where we fell in love and where we love to spend our time. Guess where.... right here! We are hoping for another week (or close to a week) down here before school starts. Tomorrow we are going home to spend some good, quality, alone time in our own home for a little while. Still some work to do in the nursery and I may start some work for school, but all in all- good, quality time together. Nothing beats it! I may even stay home for a weekend (can you believe it?!?!?!) and be with him! I figure I haven't spent one at home all summer, so I may as well while I can be with just him, right? :)

Still haven't heard back from the potential sub, but keeping my fingers crossed... still excited about the other good "work related" news. We also have a new place to fix up at the beach to stay by next summer (possibly Thanksgiving). Everything is so exciting right now and I just can't believe how unbelievably blessed and lucky we are.

Anyway- time for Big Brother and I am sure you were not at all interested in my weekend, but it was fun to reminisce and type about. Too bad I haven't done more of that kind of blogging this summer since I love to go back and read and remember things. Have a great sunday night and a great week! I can't believe I will be 27 weeks pregnant this week! HOLY COW! And, we get to see Riley again a week from Tuesday!!!! Yipppeee!!!

~let go laughing.


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