100 days until our due date!!!!!

Only 100 more days until our princess is here! Tomorrow we will be in single digits!!!!!! We have gotten so much done in her room and I cannot wait to see it finished. She has more clothes than me and she is already rotten. There is a lot of work in progress for possibly her very own room at the beach. Cannot wait for that progress to move into "real" progress! Hopefully it will all be done by her first trip down at Thanksgiving. She has her crib already but that is about it for now. So far, we have gotten a lot done in her room at home!

Everything is coming together so nicely. Once the curtains get here, I think it will feel super put together. I just love standing in her room and staring. You saw part of the room getting started in the post on June 15th and throughout other random posts... All the other pics have been on fb and throughout the blog and so many of you keep asking about the nursery, so I figured I would put it in one place. Here goes nothing...

We still need the chair rail up and shelves on the wall. Her chair should be delivered to the store on the 21st which means in the next week or so, it should be here. (it's going under the canopy.) It's a glider/rocker/ recliner and it will be beige. There is a picture of the actual chair in a post somewhere on here... Her letters from pb kids (R Q S) are going above her crib. We may leave room for a large print of one of her newborn photos there as well. My plan is to take a picture of her with no clothes on and a pink bow and print it either black and white with just the bow showing or in the sepia tone to better match her room. I think it will look beautiful. Obviously, that will have to wait a while. :) We still have to do some work in her closet. She is going to have two bars instead of one and that wont be a hard project. So I will leave you with some pictures for now...

Her daddy hung her chandelier and it looks fabulous!

the mirror is going to hang over the changing table with some other art.
it's a light pink color and matches the knobs really well! We decided
against painting the other one because it didn't really go with the furniture.

picking up a lamp today for her shade. The book ends will be on wall shelves
if we ever pick some out! :) it's not shiny- just still in the wrapping. lol

this picture has been posted before, but i have been asked about the crib
again since it has been painted. isn't it beautiful?!

these are Riley's curtains. i got them as a gift at my last shower but they
are on back order and should arrive any day now. we can't wait! they are
black out curtains and really heavy panels so nap time should be a breeze!
(we can be hopeful, right?) i've gotten nothing but great reviews about them.

she has more clothes than me! this is only the
ones hanging up! plus three outfits not hanging
because they are going to be embroidered! LOVE IT!

and last and likely least... here is me today with only 100 days to go!
(not a great picture bc of my cell phone and it's hard to tell in this dress)
it's funny how much bigger the belly looks in clothes than it does in a swim suit.
[25 wks 5 days]

oh we just cannot wait to meet her!

Thanks for reading!

~ let go laughing!


  1. I love the nursery! I know this was from last year but I noticed it because my sister-in-law just had her baby and has owls/woodland creatures too.

  2. Thanks for reading! these pictures are old. I hope you had a chance to skim through and see updated ones! :)


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