beach bum

I must say I am nervous about the dr. appt on Tuesday! Yikes! Yes, I have been riding my bike and/ or walking daily- but the homemade ice cream and all the chips and dip this week! I don't think I will look at the scale. Haha- We'll see. Maybe it wont be too horrible. I am already picturing my runs with Riley in the stroller and I cannot wait! She's growing a lot. This morning when I woke up, she was kicking me as hard as she has ever kicked, as if she was saying "mom, come on, it's time for our bike ride!" Haha- I made pancakes first for michael and nanny and papa and daddy- then mom, sue and doug and i all took our bikes up to the jubilee. Ma Lolo bought her a stool for the beach house. Her Ma Beth bought her a beautiful dress and sleeper too! I'll post pictures soon. Monday night we are riding 10 miles again to dinner and I cannot wait. I have been sticking to 3 or 4 a day since the wind has been so strong down here. We have walked the point a few times too. I def. still feel healthy and don't feel like an oompa loompa yet. I just hope it stays all baby. I am nervous! Starting Monday I am trying to lay off the "Vacation Snacks" as much as possible. Although, I think I have done very well considering the amounts of foods continuously being placed in front of me. haha. You have no idea how hard it is to resist! Go me! It's time to head up to the beach for the day. I hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful vacation if you have had to return to the real life. Wow, am I not looking forward to that come August. Good thing I get a 12 week break soon thereafter to spend with my Riley girl! I just cannot wait to meet her~!!!


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