another post about shopping for Riley...

Surprised? Haha. We were just looking at all the funky stores in Hampstead. It is a beautiful day, but too windy for the boat, so we decided to ride into town to get dads grill cover and stop in a few places. There are so many cute stores in old houses with just old antiques and fun signs, etc. We've been in them all before, but never looking for stuff for Riley! :) We picked out the most adorable antique mirror that is a pale pink/ off white look. It will go with her furniture perfectly! Mom also got her some adorable little booties! They are like knitted or crocheted and have a little bow on top. A-DOR-A-BLE! :) My favorite part of our shopping experience, other than her kicking me the WHOLE time (so cool)- was the comment the lady made when mom asked about mirrors. She said "Oh that one is for a little girl to play dress up with and that one is for a teenager... and that one... " You get my point. Mom said "Well, we are looking for one for a little girls nursery. She looked at me and said "OH MY GOSH!!!! When is that baby due?" And when I told her my due date she was shocked! Haha. She said how good I looked and how huge she was at 25.5 weeks and how lucky I am. It really made me feel good after the comment from the massage lady yesterday telling me "you look fabulous, but just wait til the last two months, you will be huge!" LOL- thanks for the encouragement lady! NOT! I took it with a grain of salt seeing as she was not the most fit person in the world and had not children herself. I guess some people just feel like they have to say something. Personally, I like the nice comments a little bit better. I feel pretty good about my weight gain and figure so far. Only 14 weeks to go and I feel like I can keep it up. Either way- it's totally worth it for my sweet baby girl. I'll be honest, I too thought I would be bigger by now and even though the scale looks as if I am a lot bigger, I don't feel it anywhere other than my belly and boobs! And HOLY boobs! LOL! No, they aren't huge to the average person... but for someone who could barely fill an A her entire "adult" life- this B cup is fabulous! Anyway- time to get some exercise on the pink bike and get ready for a yummy dinner at Beauchaines. Every time I say Beauchaines, I think of when Adam and I were little and he would call it -bo-ch-nays. Lol. I still call it that in my head.

oh yes- anyone who has a design for corn hole boards, please let us know. Michael is building some for our awesome new yard and Adam can't find the template he and Jeff used!

~happy Friday, folks!


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