Riley Quinn kicking mommy again

She likes to exercise. I got back from my 3 mile bike ride and laid down to her kicking me like crazy. I usually put my phone on my belly to watch her move, but I wanted to record. We will be getting a flip camera soon. I can't wait...

I also realized when reading babbling abby's teacher blog... there are only 33 days of summer freedom before I go back to work. That's when it gets CRAZY. Lol. I'm excited though to get a new class of kiddos. Then around 9 weeks later my little baby girl will be here!!! So it is once again a bittersweet July. Having to say "school starts back next month" is quite depressing, but since it means Riley is coming soon, I am OK with it. The only hard part is going to be the sub plans. Oh, and I am sure it will kill me when my 12 weeks maternity leave is up- but that's OK too. I will only have to get from the end of January to beginning of June and then who knows where life will take us. We def. have dreams and ideas, but nothing is set in stone. Life is good.

Hope you enjoyed my baby girl kicking! :)


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