i have missed my paint.

Being an art minor for my first two years of college, I really miss my paint. I pull it out every now and then for a quick project here and there, but nothing like I used to! Today my hubby and I were walking and walking and walking and we went to Michaels with two 40% off coupons. He got me a pack of 10 canvas's for $12. I got some cute riboon and decided to go for it! I absolutely LOVE how my little project turned out! I am working on the Christmas one now! Waiting for the first layer to dry. Next up, after I get some smaller 5x7 canvas's (with our other 40% off coupons!) I will do R Q S to hang on Riley's door. That's probably going to be tomorrows project. :)

I'll share when I am finished!

~let go laughing!



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