you may call it nesting

I call it "me". Although, if nesting means baby, let's call it nesting! I just love my paint and I randomly pull it out for projects. I have several of my pieces hanging in our house. One in the front hall and two in our bathroom. I saw a cute halloween "BOO" canvas and I just had to make one! From there, I got the idea to do one for Christmas and then I wanted to do a "R" for Riley's bedroom door. Mom and I were out shopping the other day and I said "oh my, I don't have anything for Riley's door yet." She said to me "when you see it, you will know." Well, I saw it... in my head! Haha. I was originally planning to do RQS and use three canvases and then I decided it may be too much. I LOVE how the R turned out and I think it looks so cute on her door. This morning, my SIL asked me to make some for her little girls, my friend asked me to make one for her little girl and my cousin wanted one for herself. I also made my SIL a BOO one. I added them to my facebook page and plan to hopefully start selling them on the side. I know there is a ton of stuff like this out there, so it may flop, but it is worth a try!

I wanted to share some better pictures of my work. Enjoy!

This is the very first one I made:
For Lilliana
Can't wait to hang this at Christmas!
For Brynn
For Dylan
On Riley's door
for Katie
the BOO for my SIL


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