Christmas 2011

Riley Quinn's first Christmas and by far my best ever. It was just amazing spending Christmas with my family and having my very own bundle of joy be a part of it. I cannot even wait until next year when she is tearing into her presents. She loved her presents this year though. Santa spoiled her... Ma-lolo and Grandy spoiled her, Nanny and Papa spoiled her, Gigi and Pawpaw spoiled her... the list continues... I think you get my point.

We spent Christmas Eve at mom and dads like usual for the 30th annual Christmas Eve open house. Riley was so good meeting people and being passed around like a hot potato. By the end of the night though, she was done with other people holding her. She wanted her mommy. I just love that. Christmas morning we went and opened presents at Ma-lolo and Grandy's house. Santa spoiled mommy and daddy this year too! After presents we had breakfast. We came home and got showered and ready and then went to nanny and papas for more presents and lunch. We played dirty santa with the cousins. It was super fun. Michael got a clapper light and I got a kung-fu panda chia pet!

That's all for now. Time to get my run on- The treadmill made its way back into the house!

~ let go laughing!


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