i'm pretty excited

I gained 29 lbs with Riley Quinn and I have lost 25 lbs so far (last weighed at 3 weeks pp). I am amazed at how fast the weight has come off. I plan to start running again as soon as I get past my 6 week check up. There is a little more flab than I would like around my waist line (to be expected...) I am proud of myself for eating healthy and being super active throughout my pregnancy. It is SO nice to be able to go into my closet and pick out anything I want to wear again! Now to get back to eating as healthy as I was when I was pregnant. Those quick grocery store trips with a 3 week old cause me to buy more chips and junk food and snack all day. LOL. I'm still staying active and getting out of the house every day and plan to continue to do so.

For all you pregnant ladies out there... you can do it! I was so scared and now I feel so relieved to know I really can have my old body back!

~let go laughing!


  1. i told you :) My goal is to have everything off by my 6 week appointment this time! I can do it !!!

  2. I have 3 lbs to go! I weighed again this morning. So I still have 2.5 weeks until that appt. I think I can do it! :)


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