Best OCD Mommy App ever...

I was recently sharing this app with my sister in law who just had her second baby (welcome to the world niece #2!!!) and I realized many moms didn't know about it. It is called Baby Connect. GET IT. It is the best 4.99 any OCD mom will ever spend. You can track bottles, breast feeding, diaper changes,sleep, mood, medical, activity, milestones and more. We mainly use it for feeding and poop. LOL. You can link it with a "caregiver" too. Michael and I are linked and whoever feeds or changes can input it to your phone and it sends it straight to the other. It is so helpful when she gets fussy to look and see that it has been 3.4 hours since her last feeding, etc. It's also great if she is at ma-lolo's and mommy is in the shower, since ma-lolo has the app too (yes, it is worth the 4.99, lol)... she can know when Riley Q. ate last or had her last diaper change! You can track eating patterns, sleeping patterns, etc with the graphs and the part that tells you how much she had at the same time yesterday as well as a weekly average. Again- OCD mommies- you need it. You can check it out here:

My blog is being crazy at the moment, so I can't post pictures or much, but check it out and enjoy! I will update with a photobomb of my amazing, wonderful, perfect, awesome sleeping, smiling, giggling... (ok, you get it...) daughter. :)


~let go laughing!


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