It has been nothing but cloudy during this week I have spent here at home. I cannot wait to get back to my island for one last hoorah before school starts. I have leadership tomorrow and then it's back to island time until I absolutely have to be back. :( I'm so not ready for summer to be over. I am excited about a new batch of kiddos yet I am not looking forward to the drama, paperwork and stress that is about to take place. I love mornings like today, my kind of monday- when I can just wake up at 9am and make waffles for my hubby while he lays in bed. Then we can take our coffee to the back porch and talk to our wonderful neighbors (aka- my parents). Then I can climb back in bed and watch Regis and Kelly and have no worries. It is nice, I must say. I cannot wait to be a stay at home mom. We have been talking about kids a lot- everyone we know either just had a baby or is pregnant. We would love t a little one but just can't see it in our finances yet for me to be a stay-at-home- mommy. I refuse to go back to work unless there is absolutely, positively no other options. This being said... baby S is not coming anytime soon. Sorry, folks. Ashley and I talked about it a few weeks ago on the sand bar and decided that we are both too selfish to give up our beach time and other things. Therefore if we are stay-at-home moms, we wont really have to give up all of our beach time and time away from home because we wont have to work. It makes since to us, ok!? :) I'm just a topsail girl at heart and always will be- as will my child!

On another note, I cannot wait for my birthday present. My birthday is always bittersweet. August 18th- one day after the first day back to work. It was my first day of college... I just can't seem to get it off! lol. And even though I'm back at work, I don't have students yet, so I never get birthday love from the kiddos! Oh well- this year I am getting a brand new camera and I couldn't be more excited. Mom and Dad and Michael are all going in together to get it for me. I have been using a small Canon; Powershot SD1100 IS. I love my camera, but I am ready for something bigger. I will still carry my little one with me everywhere- no worries, but I am looking forward to being able to explore with a bigger one. I am getting a D-SLR and haven't quite decided which one is best. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Pictures is one suggestion I have been given and hope to look further into it.

Off to make some peach cobbler- I might share, we'll see! :)

oh how I love summer. ~ let go laughing.


  1. No one is ever really ready for a kid. But I see what you're saying with being financially sound to be a SAHM. Thankfully I've been able to do it and we haven't struggled financially until now. But my husband has an interview to be a prison guard tomorrow so hopefully he'll get it!

    Anyways, I have a Nikon D3000 and I love it. It's great in just about every way. I haven't taken the time to sit down and fiddle with the settings on it so I just shoot in auto mode and it does just fine. The only thing is there's no live display on the screen so you have to look through the eyepiece. It's great for the price but if it we me, I would have gone back and gotten the Olympus Pen camera which is like a point & shoot but has interchangeable lenses and has some artistic editing features built in. Either way, I say check on amazon because that's where I got my Nikon and I got a big deal with the camera, a camera bag, 8gb memory card, extra battery, instructional dvds and a cleaning kit for like $600. Good luck!!

  2. thanks!!! :) i hope your hubby gets the job. good luck!

  3. I reccommend the D80 or D90. I shoot with the D3000 at work and don't like it nearly as much as mine! BHphoto.com has good prices!


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