dear summer,

PLEASE don't leave me. Being on this island makes life so perfect. We spent a lot of time talking today about being a stay-at-home mom and having a baby. I want to still work with children, but I do not think my brain, mind and sanity could conquer teaching and being a mommy. I would miss my baby too much and I wouldn't be able to put into my classroom and passion of teaching what I am able to now. What have we come up with you ask???? (or don't ask, but I'm sharing...) I am hoping to either job share in the 1st grade OR work a a Sylvan learning center. Best of both worlds. I get to stay home with my little one and only work part time, still making some money. Hours would differ depending on who/what and where I was to job share if I am able to take that route. Also, if working at Sylvan I am pretty sure the hours would be something like 3-6pm because that is when children get out of school. Mind you, this is not a "tomorrow" plan. We are looking 2-3 years out but I just like to have a plan. It's the OCD and ADHD in me. Please offer me any advice or ideas you may have... :)

I really love 1st grade. :)

We've already been thinking about some DIY projects to transform the office into a guest room/office/"playroom"... Why not get ahead of the game, right? Check out this fabulous DIY office we have decided to design after- imagine that, another DIY from younghouselove which is also the inspiration for our laundry room. Anywho- off to work on our first "c" event!!!


~let go laughing.


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