goodbye summer break 2010

What a wonderful friend you have been. Only 298 days until I see you again!! Even Ringer is sad we are leaving this wonderful island. Coach didn't even want to get in the car. He ran and hid under the porch. I know I will be back on weekends, but this is just the beginning of the end. Fall will be here before we know it. As I type, we are sitting in the drive through at Port City Java... I just have to point out that there is a motorcycle behind us in the drive through line... I would love to see how that is going to work out for them. Anyway- As summer comes to an end I want to remember what a wonderful time I have had. It all started off with the birth of my first niece on June 5th. Emalyn came to visit and we cooked out at the pool... Then I headed to the beach, moving all of my stuff down and relaxing in the sun. July 4th snuck up on us and we had a wonderful time with family and friends. We (Coach and I) spent another three weeks just relaxing on the island. My first grade teammates joined me for a few days on the island before it was time to pack up and head to Vegas. Coach stayed at "papa boot camp" while we were gone. Michael even got to spend several random days at the beach with us this summer and I would drive to Durham and see him every week or so for a day or two. After Vegas our wonderful cousins from Ill came to visit. They spent a long weekend on the island with us and then we went to Durham. I spent a week at home with Michael before returning to the island to take summer out with a bang. It was a summer full of family, fun, friends, cookouts and love. Catching shrimp, bike riding, skiing, riding the boat, singing karaoke, playing spoons, catch phrase, laying out on the beach, laying on the sandbar, randy greens beach, dockside, floating in the sound and rescuing Michael on the broken down jet ski... Beauchaines, corn hole, capture the flag, beach shop, jogging, crab pot (yuck), homeport... Trading ol' blue for the miata, cutting 10 inches off my hair to donate to locks of love, meteor showers and my in-laws selling their home of 20+ years in Michigan to move to NC and be closer to everyone. What a whirlwind, exciting and wonderful summer this has been. I thank my lucky stars and God for allowing me to be so fortunate. Although I hate that this summer is coming to an end, there is always next year and the many to come. At least I have a job that I love and some awesome friends that I get to spend my days with to keep me busy until June 10th. :) So long for now, summer break. I will miss you- thanks for being so wonderful!

100 days until Thanksgiving break
128 days until Christmas break
242 days until Spring break
298 days until Summer break!!!
~let go laughing.


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