our B weekend

This was our 'b' weekend. We started off on Friday morning at the beach. We spent the morning basking in the sun... ok, the clouds. lol. But, it was wonderful. I couldn't believe Michael actually got a Friday off! I lounged on the dock for about an hour while I watched him ride the jet-ski out in front of me. We had to go in early to get ready for our event of the evening. We got dressed and I wrestled with this "oh, too short" hair cut of mine... I'm learning, but I will be happy when I have just a few more inches to play with... That's another story, but I am just happy that I was able to do what I did for a good cause. Now selfishly, I would like my hair back please. :) SO yes, we got ready and headed to Brunswick County for the third annual "Dancing With The Brunswick County Stars." We were there to see Brooke and Bodie!!! They Both start with B. :) After the event was over we spent the evening at Bodies house and had a great evening. Saturday morning we all went out for breakfast and then packed up and headed home. If the weather holds out today, we are planning to take a fun Bicycle ride. Stay tuned for more adventures! Feel free to leave ideas in the comments box. Next weekend is 'C.' And... this weekend isn't over!

~let go laughing


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