go. see. do. 'C' (DON'T GO!)

It is already the third week of our fun! We spent three days together at the coast of North Carolina. With Michaels job, he rarely gets two days off in a week and this week he was able to spend 2 and a half with me on the island. It was so nice considering this has been my last week of freedom before going back to work. We chose to do part of our 'c' activities during the week since we found a restaurant here that I haven't been to in over 12 years and Michael had never been. If you know me at all, you know that one of my favorite foods ever is Alaskan snow crab legs. Being that it starts with a 'c' we decided to try out the crab pot. If you are a topsail native at all or even visit this wonderful island, you will see this place on your left just after you cross over the surf city bridge over to the island. It's one crazy lookin' place! You order at the window, pay and then go have a seat to wait for your number to be called. Sounds like mcdonalds or panera, right? well... you don't order your drinks at that window, you have to go into the bar where there is a $10 minimum on drinks... Not to mention the food that you just ordered is
passed through a window in a styrofoam "to-go" box. 1 lb of crab legs and a 'steamed bucket' for two (michael and his mom shared) that only included a couple of out of season oysters, some crab legs,
two small pieces of corn, a few shrimp and a couple of potatoes... a whopping $67! Now, remember... that did NOT include the drinks that I forgot to tell you came with $1 refills on everything but tea and water. The crab legs were good (it would be pretty hard to mess up in my opinion), but Michael was not satisfied with the steamed bucket. So would we suggest this as one of your stops on our wonderful island?? Probably not... in fact I think the grade we should give it is a C-. haha. BUT -If you're looking for some decent fried or steamed seafood and have plenty of money to throw away... and you don't mind sitting at picnic tables inside a screened in building with no a.c-- go for it! (We quickly remembered why we hadn't been there in over 12 years though!) Don't tell daddy he "told us so." Hey, what the heck- we were supposed to try something new, right! That's how this project works! We know not to go back- We'll buy the crab legs from the market next time and steam them ourselves. :)

-The free and most fun of our 'C' activities was our 2 hour game of Capture the flag with the kids! It was SO fun and I am SO sore today! We played in our yard and the yard across the street. It involved tackling, hiding and lots of sprinting. It was so awesome to feel like kids again. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the game but I did get a picture of the whole group later that night when we
were playing spoons.

~let go laughing!!!


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