We started our challenge today and had the most fun! We woke up this morning and decided to use the fresh apples we recently bought to bake some apple pies. Usually, I am the one in the kitchen, but today- Michael joined me. It went so much faster with two sets of hands. I peeled and sliced all of the apples while he mixed together all of the sugar, flour, apple pie spices and other ingredients. We only had one misunderstanding when he dumped the mix into the pie crust without the apples. It was too cute. Then we worked to cut out the extra pie crusts to weave over the top of the pies. It was so hard waiting for them to come out of the oven because they smelled SO good! We are a pretty good baking team! We will most definitely do it again.

Our second 'a' activity for this weekend was going to the flea market to look at antiques. Oh, what
fun we had! We love the flea market and it was only 75 degrees today, which on a normal summer day I would NOT be happy about. But, it was perfect for a walk through the flea market. We looked at all kinds of old things that we don't usually take the time to stop and look at while we are out there. We didn't end up buying anything, but we did come close! I suggest the flea market for great priced furniture for re-doing in any DYI projects. There were beautiful hutches and mirrors as well. We ventured inside and got away from the antiques and found the sweetest baby girl, puppy. I named her Bella and if she weren't only going to be 10lbs, I would have brought her home. Michael wants a big dog though. :(

We both enjoyed our day together and are so thankful for this new "game" we are playing. I have a feeling this cloudy Sunday would have been spent on our computers, me- editing photos or blogging, michael- facebooking and playing games... Instead, we were able to do some fun things together and really spend some one on one time with each other.

I hope you are enjoying our adventure!

let go laughing~


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