We haven't quite decided what we are going to do for our D weekend yet. Michael is leaving to go to work at Dominos in a few minutes. Does that count? haha. We live in Durham... OK. Well, hopefully we will think of something by tomorrow or sometime during the week. We thought about going to a Durham Bulls game, but he has to work when they are in town this week. Duke gardens is pretty, but we've already been a few times and it's hot out. We might have to skip D and move on to E next weekend if we can't think of anything other than living in Durham and eating Dinner.

Today we went to see Brian's grave. I put a ECU lei on it and a pom pom. I had to get him ready for football season! I miss my big brother dearly. I know he is up there watching everyone. We were going to get him flowers and then I thought.... Brian, flowers?! Yeh right- I can hear him now... haha. But the ECU stuff, he is saying "that is neat!" :)

Then we went to Crabtree to finish using my birthday money at the j-crew there. It's the nicest one in the area. And Lush is there so I could use my gift cards from Tyler and Claire. With $60.00 worth of bath bombs, soaps and shower bombs... the car was smelling good on the way home! We took the top down and it felt fabulous outside.
I have the most awesome group of first graders this year. I am so happy to say they are quite adorable. They are busy and wiggly, but what group of 24 six year olds wouldn't be, right? It was a nice first week and I hope it continues. I know it is going to get very stressful when the meetings start every morning and the breaks are few and far between, but I am hoping for a great year! Here's to many relaxing weekends! I've definitely gotta clean this house and get to the grocery store tomorrow! :)

~let go laughing

Well... it was unfortunate that we couldn't find anything to do on our 'd' weekend! Michael woke up Sunday morning with an idea:

"Honey, I have a D! I fell up the stairs coming in from work last night and we need to go to the Dr."


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