haircut help... please vote

I'm gonna need some votes and I need them fast! My appointment is at 2:30!

Either vote here, or send the vote via, facebook, email or text!!!

*Yes, I know they are all blonde- lol

Mother/ daughter day at the spa... I guess you could call it that. I am taking that huge leap and most women know the one I am speaking of... I am trying out a new hairdresser!! I was not happy with my color this previous time as many of you are quite aware of. (aka "hooker hair incident"). I have been with the same hairdresser for at least 10 years. Sometimes I think it is just time for a change. I love her to death but I am ready for a new hair style and something different that I just wasn't getting or was too afraid to ask for. I am going with mom to her hairdresser at Bangz in Wilmington. Mom, Anita, Cecelia, Jane and many other women go to this spa. I trust their opinions and am hoping for the best. As I sit here and ponder what I may want to do during this cut and style appointment I think back to my many hair cuts and styles in the past. I've gone "boy" short (thank you fantastic sams, I will never be back)... above the collar bone, very long and layers vs. no layers... I have been bleach blonde several times (not by request) and I have been very dark. Although this appointment does not include a color, I may request a quick toner if time is available to take away some of the leftover "hooker locks" I still have. We'll see if that is an option today- if not, I may need to find someone closer to home to pop some in before school starts. So, the question is, what style to go with?! I am a very rare breed and I don't do well with change. I do, on the other hand, want to donate my hair to children with cancer for wigs. I know it is selfish of me but I just don't know if I am ready to cut off all 10 inches required for Locks of love. Unfortunately they do not accept bleached hair and now that there is a little bleach in my hair, I don't know if there is too much to just pull out. I don't think the bottom 10 inches would be affected with this bleach mishap since it is mostly just in the front and around my face. I would hate to send my 10 inches though and it not be used. I hate that this bleach is in there! I'll ask Monica when I get there. The next option is Pantene. They do not have as strict requirements to make the wigs. The difference I have heard is that the wigs do not always go to just children with Pantene and I think they are sold and not given away- but, once again... no bleach accepted. UGH! (This is an irritating factor because I never wanted the bleach in the first place.)

So let's not worry about the donation as it will most likely not be possible and let's discuss styles! Send me your vote and I will post an 'after' picture this evening!!! :)

~let go laughing


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