classroom makeover

Mom and I spent the day together after waking up and meeting my in-laws for coffee. They headed off to the beach, where we will soon join them and we headed to bed bath and beyond, teacher stores, wal-mart, dollar store, target and more! While in Target, I noticed that they had a lot of aqua items in the new "back to school" collection. This is only very cool to me because it is a very favorite color of mine and they had fabulous stuff for my classroom that matches my already wonderful chair pockets, curtains and homemade pillows! My birthday is coming up very soon and I was planning to get that fabulous camera- well... mom made a deal with me that if I would wait until Christmas, she would help me makeover my classroom! Sooooo... Michael catches a break on my birthday present that he was going to split with mom and dad, and my classroom is going to be super cute! I have always wanted it to be more coordinated and now it finally will be... I hope. I mean, really... how many pictures will I really be able to take that I can't use the camera I already have now until Christmas... 4-ish months people! :) Oh, I cannot wait to see all of this stuff in my classroom. Mr. E told me I can come in soon because they are FINALLY finished with the floors in my room. I can't wait. I will probably come back to town and go in at least one day before I have to be in there! So... other than that, mom and I also ate at Fosters today- so good! I can't believe I have lived in Durham for almost 25 years and have never been there. My sandwich was on sunflower bread and it included avocado, tomato, spinach, bacon and herb cream cheese... sound very, hmmm... different. But, it was amazing!!!

off to enjoy the evening with my hubby. Heading to a new place for a hair cut tomorrow... excited, yet nervous at the same time. We'll see how it goes!

~let go laughing~

oops- i forgot the pictures of my new 'completed work' file boxes. They are so much nicer and smaller than the crates I used last year and the huge 'mail/file box' I used the year before. Now, to train the newbies how to file the work. Hopefully they were in classes last year that used them too. It
only took my class a few days to figure out how to find their name, open the file folder and put their work in it. We don't have a lot of "worksheet" type activities in my classroom anyway, so it isn't a lot. They have a few sheets from centers such as handwriting and listening and sometimes there are tear out sheets in math... it should work out nicely. I might even have them write about their listening book in their reading journal and check it from there. It will save paper! Gotta go green!!!


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