Happy Birthday, Sweet Riley Quinn!

Riley's presents from mommy and daddy and the balloons on her new pink high chair for her to wake up to!

This is it. This is your ONE year post. TWELVE months. Where has this year gone? I am in tears as I just laid you in your bed after you kissed me goodnight and said our prayers for the last time that you aren't a "baby" anymore. When you wake up in the morning, you will be ONE. I will be adding your ONE YEAR pictures to this post in just a few short hours. You are so blessed with so many people that love you, Riley Quinn.

Where do I begin? What an incredible year this has been. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe it. I can't even Google a word or find one in the dictionary. Only a mother knows the feeling I am trying to put into words but will never find a way to do so.

You make me smile like I have never smiled. You make me laugh like I have never laughed. You bring joy to my life that I never thought possible. A year... a whole year... It seems like yesterday, you were learning to crawl a day shy of four months old. I never imagined life like this. I know I have said a million times or more, but you are truly the happiest baby I have ever known. God put you on this earth to make people smile. In Target, the mall, the farmers market and even at the state fair- you smile, wave, blow kisses and say "hey!" to everyone. It melts my heart. I think my favorite is when you crawl over (yes, crawl- because even though you have been pushing a walker since July 4th and have taken 2 steps on your own, you are STILL not walking!) anyway- you crawl over to me and just kiss me. The biggest, sloppy, wet kiss and I melt. My other favorite thing you do is when you bring a book and climb into my lap and yell until I start to read to you. I love that you have such a passion for reading. You are such a smart girl.

You love: fruits and veggies, milk, baths, water, shoes, glasses, jewelry, kisses, books, dogs, disney and bean traders. (duh!)

You don't love: walking, big blue balls (ask ma momo), anything big and dressed up...

Most frequently said words: momma, dada, ma-momo, gasses (glasses), that, dog, ka (coach), papa

You can shake your head yes and no. You love milk and only have one bottle now. You've been off bottles for about a month now minus the one before bed. You drink milk in sippy cups the rest of the time. Once this can of formula is gone, this bottle will be too. You aren't attached, so I'm not worried.

Let's see. I will estimate and measure in the morning when you wake up on your actual birthday and see how close my estimates are!

Height- Born- 21.5 inches   Now- 31 inches
Weight- Born- 8lbs 9.5 oz   Now-19 lbs
1 year old today!

happy 1 year, baby girl!

I made this slideshow for your birthday party, Saturday. (So if you are coming to her party, you can wait and watch it there for some nice tears to be shared together. If not, you are welcome to watch now.)

Here she is folks!

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I love you Riley Quinn.

Love, Mommy


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