3 months old

Wow. Could life get any better? As I lay here rocking my baby girl and realizing she is going to be three months old tomorrow... Three months?!?! Where has the time gone. It feels like yesterday daddy and ma lolo were timing my contractions and yelling at me to go to the dang hospital. Now, here I sit with the most incredible thing that I have ever known. My daughter. Mine. I made her. Daddy and I created this little tiny, perfect baby girl. I thank God every night for such a blessing. For showing me how to love this way. For letting me be a mommy to my very own mini me. Yiu look just like me at your age. It's crazy to see pictures. Let's see...

3 months... 13 weeks and 1 day ... Riley you are:

About 13-ish pounds according to our scale
25 inches long!
Sleeping anywhere from 9.5-12 hours at night.
Drinking about 34 oz a day in 5 feedings
Love love loving to talk and sing
Love your bird mobile
starting to love baths again... Just get that water temp perfect
Still can't take my bm :(
Loving your jumper toys - we even got you one for the beach house
Finding your hands more and more every day. We can hear you sucking on them from our room
You've moved to size 2 diapers this week. You've been in size 1 since thanksgiving
your reflux has been making you spit up more but you seem ok with it and it isn't horrible
Mommy is staying home with you while daddy works hard to provide for us as well as finishes up his last two classes towards his business degree!
Coachy loves to sleep by your crib
We say our prayers together every night
You are perfect.



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