5 months already?

March 24, 2012 (5 months old)

Here's my boogie at 5 months! - Dressed in one of her
Tar Heel cheerleading outfits in support of March Madness.

Dear Riley,
I cannot believe I am writing this post. It seems like yesterday, I was just five months pregnant! Half way to meeting you! Was that really ten months ago?! I just can't believe it. You are crawling, talking (cooing and babbling), pulling up on your crib, mommy's legs and anything else you can get a grip on. You are so close to sitting up on your own too. In fact, yesterday you did in the bath tub with daddy! You love toes for some reason. Yours are OK, but you are really into other peoples toes too. It's pretty funny to watch you crawl at lightning speed across the room to get to someones toes. It could end up quite embarrassing though, so I hope you grow out of that fetish. :) You are still loving food and I am making almost all of it. When we are on the go, I take the store bought stuff with me, but I am having so much fun making it fresh for you! Yesterday we went to the museum for the first time and when we got home I noticed your very first tooth is finally popping through! I need you to slow down because you are growing up way too fast for me. It makes me sad to see you all grown up and not my newborn baby girl anymore. I am so proud of you though.

You are super social just like everyone says I was as a baby. We went to the coffee shop on Thursday morning. Daddy was ready to kill me when I let you get on the floor and crawl. Youimmediately crawled over to the little boys and started "talking" to them. It melted mine and daddy's hearts and he got over the fact that I put you on the floor. I mean heck, you're only gonna be a kid once, right?! I washed your hands as soon as I picked you up. :) Speaking of germs... you also had your first cold this month. You got it from ma-lolo. It wasn't her fault though. She just loves you so much, you got her germs. You took it like a champ and even though you had a fever and were SO congested, you never really got cranky. You are such a good baby Riley Quinn. You were a little fussy last night and went to bed early because your tooth was hurting you, but so far it hasn't seemed to bother you too bad. It's almost popped through at the top and boy is it sharp! You have this biting fetish too. I also hope that one goes away! Especially now that you have a tooth! Riley Quinn, your personality amazes me every day.

We have been so blessed. I thank God for you every day and night and I pray for your safety and health. I also pray that I can be the best mommy to you possible and that we always make the right choices. I thank God for allowing me to be home with you. I think it plays a big role in your personality. We are always going somewhere and are around a ton of people all the time. At lunch yesterday we went to a new deli. Two ladies walked in and you were in my lap having your bottle. They looked at you and commented on how cute you were and you turned your head to follow them and gave the biggest smile. They came back over to you and talked to you for five minutes and you just kept smiling at them. You're such a goober and I love it!

I love you boogie!!!!





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