4 months old today

You are amazing us every day with your personality, abilities and so much more. 'K' came to see you today and she said I wasn't lying to everyone... That you are such an easy going and happy baby girl. You also surprised her with your crawling! I just have this feeling you will be walking this summer. Here you are crawling this afternoon to get to your toys. You got all the way to your little hungry caterpillar and you were so proud of yourself.

You are sleeping from around 9 or 10pm to at least 8:30 each morning. You like your sleep just like mommy and daddy. In fact, these days the only time you are fussy is when you are sleepy. You get your blankie wrapped around your head and hold tight to lovey and you pass right out. You aren't a fan of that paci still.. In fact, K laughed so hard at your feisty-ness today. I tried to give you the paci and you spit it out with full force and stuck your entire fist into your mouth. It was really cute. You've never been a fan of it. lol. We're OK with that. Mommy was a thumb sucker too, so it's totally OK with me!

You are eating like a champ. You love your veggies. I think we may try bananas soon. I am loving making all of your baby food. I have so much fun doing it. I'm planning to make you a dress this week. I'm going to make it out of the fabric from your 4 month picture.

Mommy starts tutoring hopefully next week. I will only be gone from 9-3:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I will be 1 mile from the house and you will be home with daddy or ma-lolo. In fact, for my 30 minute lunch, I may even come home! Or if not, I will try to not take it and be home at 3 instead. We'll have to see how it works out. It is for 4 weeks in March, only 3 weeks in April and May and only one week in June. So it is only 26 days total! You nap for a lot of that time I am gone, so I think I will be OK. I won't be too super sad to leave. It's actually pretty AWESOME if you ask me. I wasn't planning on taking a spot until August, but since it was offered to me, I just couldn't turn it down! And if it is available in August, I will do it then too! But if not, I am going to just be a substitute teacher and make my own schedule.

I'm just loving being home with you way too much to go back to work. Being a stay at home mom is the job for me! I love you Riley Quinn. Now, slow down growing so stinkin' much!



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