Dear Riley Q- 7 months (a little late)

I just printed some pictures and realized I never did my Dear Riley (7 months old today) post! At least I wrote in her baby journal and took her monthly photo on time! Let's re-cap her stats!

Dear Riley Q-

I cannot believe how fast you are growing up! 7 months old! Pulling up onto furniture, putting yourself to sleep around 8:30/9pm (thankfully you are pushing your bedtime back! -Thanks Vegas!) You had your first plane ride, first new state(s) to visit, first cabana fun, first avocados without being mashed... What else? You got a tooth! Well- you have had two since you were about 5 months and now the top one or ones are trying to come in (while we were in Vegas)- (This is hard to type in the past since now those teeth are both in, but I want to save those for her next post! lol) You had your first loco pop- it was dairy free and it was pear. You had a blast in Vegas and did so well on the whole trip, flights included. Not that we are or were surprised. Emalyn came to visit and you wore the fishing shirt from Rich that day for her to see you in. You love to wear t-shirts around the house at night. Especially after a bath but before we put your jammies on. You have been in the pool a lot and you LOVE the water. You also did your first canvas painting for mommy for mother's day! I love you Riley Quinn- Sorry your post was a little late. We left for the beach the morning you turned 7 months, not long after I snapped your photo. I completely forgot to come type your post! I cannot believe I will be typing your 8 months old post in 12 short days!!!!!! STOP GROWING UP SO FAST!!!!!

I love you,

Love, Mommy


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