viva las vegas!

What a wonderful and quick trip we had to Las Vegas. We got to see so many wonderful and inspiring Domino's people. What an amazing company to be a part of. We got up at 4am on Tuesday morning to get to the airport for our 6am flight. When we arrived, we were told our flight was delayed 3 hours. UGH! They re-routed us through Atlanta, but we still didn't leave until 8:20. Needless to say we spent several boring and freezing cold hours in the RDU airport because it would have been pointless to turn around and go home... We made our flight and our connection and arrived in Vegas at about 12:00pm local time. What a long day already! A driver met us at the bottom of the stairs on the way to baggage claim. We waited so long for my bag, he had to go take his car and circle the airport one time and come back in! We finally made it to the Palazzo- (I will NEVER stay anywhere else in Vegas!) What a fabulous hotel! Each room is a suite and the rate online right now is only $139 a night! It was a 720 square foot suite with 3 flat screen tv's one of which was in our bathroom! It was incredible. Check out the link!! We dropped our bags and went straight to the pool. Mom and dad, the Stokes, Tingens and Allen Lyle were all waiting for us in the Cabana! It was awesome. I was quite exhausted and downed a couple of red bulls that got me right back on my feet! We left the cabana around 5:00 to go get showered and dressed for dinner and a show! I know- long day! It was already 8pm at home! We ate at an awesome restaurant called sushi samba . It was a lot of food and we had to rush to make the 10pm showing of Jersey Boys! Awesome show! At this point, we were exhausted, being up for over 24 hours! We hit the sack and called it a night. The next morning, Michael, Dad and I went to the opening session at 9am. It was awesome. Tom Monagham was there and we got to speak to him later than night. He is aging, but still remembered Michael when we spoke to him. After the opening session, Mom and I shopped for a little while and then went to the cabana by the pool. The boys were in classes until about 4pm when they finally joined us.Someone please explain to me why the HOT 113 degree sun out there did not tan OR burn any of us?! We just can't figure it out. I loved the heat. There was absolutely no humidity. That evening we went to the Expo and the fastest pizza making competition. Then we downtown to the "original" las vegas for a little while. Thursday morning, Michael went to another meeting with dad while mom and I shopped for a little while in the Venitian and Palazzo. Then the boys were done and Michael and I took off to explore. We went to Caesars Palace to the Forum shops and had a blast. He got to go to his favorite: Tommy Bahama. On our way back down the strip after stopping at McDonalds for a drink, we stumbled upon a wax museum! SO COOL. We even got a military discount. lol. Then we went back through the Venitian to get to the Palazzo and stopped in the store that was shown in 2003 during the 20/20 episode with Michael Jackson when he was visiting. Unfortunately, they wouldn't allow photographs. :( bummer. We went to the casino for a little while and both threw in a $20 on the wheel of fortune game. I got up to $88 and cashed out. Michael blew the $20 in .07 seconds. Lol. I went to buy a pair of earrings from Swarvoski Crystal while he played Let 'em ride for a bit with dad. Then we got dressed and popped open the fabulous bottle of champagne accompanied by awesome strawberries that were delivered to our room by my mother and father in-law! SO SWEET! Thank you again Mike and Mary Beth. We really wish they had been able to join us. That night we went to a private concert by Kool & The Gang on the front row and I danced the night away with mom and dad, michael and Mrs. Doyle who just happened to be right beside me and told me not to let anyone come between us! It was so cool. She and Mr. Doyle and incredibly nice and what a wonderful CEO to have! We left the concert to quickly change clothes and head to the airport to catch the red-eye. What a bad idea that was! 48 hours of NO sleep = not fun! It was a very quick trip, but super fun and we are so thankful we were able to be a part of it. Thank you mom and dad for everything! Its's nice to be home and relax for a couple more weeks before the kiddos return to 1st grade land. I have leadership next Tuesday and will be between Topsail and Durham for the next little while. What a fabulous summer this has been. I hate so much that it is coming so close to the end. :( Off to enjoy it while it lasts!

let go laughing!


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