I decided not to go get coffee this morning, but to make it in my Keurig and sit on the back porch listening to the radio and relax. I am not a huge coffee drinker. I am more of a latte fan. But, to save some $$$ I'll take it. I do have an espresso machine, but it is much more work and a lot harder to clean. Hence the green moldy stuff I am STILL trying to clean out of the pipes... When I do drink coffee I usually only use a certain creamer. I am very particular when it comes to creamer and one of the few that I will actually drink is the peppermint creamer. It gets old... believe me. lol. I am also very picky when it comes to coffee and I do not like it super strong. I do in fact LOVE my Keurig. My next big Keurig purchase will be this one, for my classroom!!! The Keurig is so easy- It takes two minutes to heat up and another 20 seconds to brew your awesome cup of coffee... I can even take the bottom off of mine and place my travel mug under it for a quick on the go cup of joe! The brand of choice for me is Green Mountain for the Keurig. Recently, I have come to find out that I enjoy the Hazelnut coffee from green mountain and I can even enjoy it with just a splash of half -n- half! I can't believe it. I finally found a COFFEE that I can drink without buying expensive creamers to go along with it. Now the trick- finding the coffee at a good price. We used to buy it in bulk at Sams club and thought we were getting a good deal- The problem: it was newmans own and I am not a fan. If you like bitter coffee, definitely buy Newmans Own. So now the search was on for the best price when purchasing my hazelnut, Green Mountain coffee. Let's see what I have come up with so far:

(*Remember, my goal is to find the box of all Hazelnut in order to avoid costly creamers per my taste buds.)

Harris Teeter- 1 box of 12 K-cups, Green Mountain, Hazelnut: $7.99
Food Lion- 1 box of 12 K-cups, Green Mountain, Hazelnut: $7.99
Costco- 1 box of 108 K-cups, Green Mountain, regular blend: $ 47.99
Macys- 1 box of 18 K-cups, Green Mountain, Hazelnut: $ 14.99 - SALE $9.99
Green Mtn. Website- 1 box of 24 K-cups, Green Mountain: $ 17.40 (*includes shipping)
Target online- 1 box of 108 K-cups, Green Mountain, Hazelnut- DECAF only: $59.99

SOOOOOO- What it comes down to in my investigation is that I can only find the coffee I want at Harris Teeter or Food Lion. But, if you are not as picky as me, it makes more since to get it at Costco or Target in bulk and you can save about $12.00. Unfortunately, I am not sure if Green Mountain makes a box of 108 in the hazelnut that is not decaf, but I will most definitely be looking for it and continuing my search on this rainy day. :o)


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