saturday morning [TEACHER] yard sale

A neighbor of mine and previous rce teacher is moving out of town and held a fabulous "teacher" yard sale today! HOW excited was I to wake up at 8:00 on a saturday morning?!?! ummm... VERY! I just got 18 books on tape that are now MINE and no one can take them and I don't have to search the world for the center anymore. I also got 14 of the Sterilite® Ultra Storage Baskets that Autumn used last year as book buckets. Now my search remains, but only for 12 more! :o) I got a individual tape player and plan to get about 4 more. This year I hope to keep my listening center as independent as possible and can eliminate the "it's too loud!" "she started before I was ready!" "I can't make it work!" from each morning of my life. I plan to spend about 3 days teaching each child how to use the hand held tape players from the 80's and hopefully it will be helpful. I can put 5 books in the center each month and they can go from there and listen to a new one each week! :o)
I must say it has been nice being home for a change. Every summer of my life that I can remember it has been a mad dash to get home and get right back to work. Although I do plan to return and spend the remainder of my summer on island time, I do love my house and all of my friends here at home! I went out to eat with Liz, Martin and Tiffany (aka, Sasha) last night. We tried the newer Mexican restaurant, Los Portales, in the same parking lot as best buy over near southpoint. I will probably give it an A for decoration and appearance, but the food was a bit overpriced for the Mexican restaurant I am used to. It was good, but I think a lot of people go for Mexican sometimes because of the price and that one thing stood out to me. I also guess I am biased because of my weekly Mexican venture to El Dorado. We love the waiters there, who know us by name and we go there so much that any other Mexican restaurant just isn't the same.

I am going to need Mr. Sunshine to make his debut. It has been way too long since he has shined on me! I am losing my tan and not happy about it. I was hoping for a week by the pool and that has just not happened. Anywho- It's off to the Saturday morning dose of Bean Traders this morning!

let go laughing~


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