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new picture frames behind the couch
new lamp to the right

The only problem with the time I spend in Durham during my summer break versus being on the island--- shopping! At the beach I lay on the dock or float in the sound or sit on the beach. For some reason, laying by the pool is boring to me and it lasted all of about 30 minutes yesterday. I then went shopping. Does anyone else have this problem? You're bored so you shop... Well I am being better with my window shopping and I think I have done a great job this summer. But yesterday I went to Homegoods and spent about an hour and a half in there. They had some awesome pillows that I thought would really add the "pop" to our living room. Were trying to add just a touch of some color in there with the beige and brown we have going on. They arent really going to work and I am taking them back today.

I think I am going to pause on the living room because it is at a semi stage that I am happy with. I did get a new lamp and some picture frames that added a hint of color to the room yesterday. I have been reading several blogs on easy/ inexpensive design ideas and projects for the home. Here are just two of the ones I am interested in: and I really like the picture of this living room and am working hard on some of the design tips. Seriously- every room in the younghouselove blog is what I want my house to look like! In fact I am going to lowes today to possibly begin my laundry room transformation! Off to get coffee with mom now and show her all of my new design ideas! I cannot wait to get started. I want a new coat of paint on almost every room in my house. lol- sorry, Michael! haha.

my new laundry room inspiration


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