let freedom ring...

Happy Independence Day Y'all! We spent the morning decorating the tent and holding our 11th (ish?) annual Topsail Island "Easter" Parade. Sadly, we were missing a few regulars this year. We miss you (Stokes, Tyler, Katie, and my best buddy Adam!) The parade went well. Kevin and I were deemed the new grand marshals and Michael drove the lead car since Page and Allen weren't here this year. It was so much fun. I think we have a bigger crowd every year! In just an hour or so the games will begin! Egg toss champions will come to see who takes the crown this year! It is always a big event. I won three years ago and hope to again one day! I might wear an apron tonight! After the games we will have the pig that has been cooking since bright and early this morning. We usually have a little over 200 folks join us for the fun. After dinner we will have karaoke and dancing until our feet hurt. All of this to celebrate our wonderful freedom and country. This year, all of the military men in our family are in the US to celebrate. We will surely say a prayer for all of those who are not and the many who have lost their lives for our freedom.

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the
brave. ~Elmer Davishome of the


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