livin' on island time

What a lovely week it has been. My husband had a wonderful vacation from work and spent it skiing, floating in the ocean and sound and riding in waves on his surf board. I cannot wait for more beach time together this summer. He is back to work to support us and he is so amazing at what he does. It has been a wonderful decision for me to not switch to year round schools. I would NOT be able to do it. I just cannot give up my paradise summers! It is too perfect down here. This summer has most definitely been different. I've gone home for a day or two here and there and the Stokes girls are all grown up and not spending the entirety here either... but it is still so wonderful. Unfortunately, I am a week behind real life and summer is going by way too fast! I just realized that the 1st grade ladies are coming down here a week from tomorrow! I thought I was going home before they came down and I was wrong. Oops! It's OK though. Michael is going to bring my school things on his two days off! :o) Were going to Vegas pretty soon too! I just cant wait for Michael to get more information on how to better run the company and how to franchise and such. We babysat Lilly yesterday on her 1 month birthday. She was really good. I changed the poopy diaper too! Go me! This morning we woke up and my wonderful husband brought me a vanilla latte in bed! Then we had a wonderful afternoon on the beach. He took his jet ski home to work on it. I have a feeling he is going to be in the lake soon. :o) This afternoon I floated in the canal with Laurie, Mom, Julie and Kelly. I fried my backside since I never lay on my stomach! Oops! Anywho... ta ta for now bloggers. Time to rest before dinner with the old South end crew!

let go laughing!


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