go. see. do. activities from A-Z

Michael and I have decided to take on a new "project" or "game". Since I dumped project 365 after 7 long months, I wanted something more motivating and something Michael and I could do together. With summer coming to an end and his and my work schedules often being quite the opposite, we sometimes have a hard time finding fun and new things to do. We are stealing this project from an awesome blog that I am totally into. The blogger is Elizabeth and her blog is Simplefancies. She is awesome. I am so into being nosy and reading blogs. I only wish my blogs were interesting and there were more than the [possible] 6 of you reading mine. :) Anyway- the newest game we are beginning to endure is Go.See.Do activities from A-Z!

Elizabeth's husband, Dave came up with the game and I have happily taken the idea from them.

1. Each week/weekend (aiming for Saturday/Sunday) we will do two activities. One has to be free and one can cost money.
2. The activities will start on A and continue for 26 weeks until we reach Z.
3. Along with the alphabetized activity, we will plan one of the weeks meals around that letter- maybe even venture out and try something new!
4. I will post the activities on my blog and hope to keep it up!

Here's to being creative and having fun together just like back in the day when we had no real responsibilities in life and could just GO. SEE and DO whenever and whatever we wanted to!

We will begin our project this weekend with the letter "A." Look for our "A" blog tomorrow!!! :o)


  1. that sounds awesome! if Matthew weren't getting ready to deploy, I would totally do this with him!

  2. Love it, I look forward to hearing all about it!


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