update on life.

I spent a couple of days at home in good ol 'd.town with my husband this week. It has been nice.
Sunday night, I was invited to sit in the balcony to see Ringo and the All Star band. It was SO cool.

My cousin has moved in with us for a week or so until we get back from our trip! It's kinda nice having another girl in the house! :o) And, it is for a good reason, so I am not complaining, I am SO happy for her!!! I hope she figures everything out soon and gets back on her feet and stronger than ever!!! I know you can do it girl! i <3>

I am heading back to the south end in a few minutes with some of my first grade ladies. We are going to take our work stuff and start planning a little bit for the upcoming year. It will be nice.

We went to dinner and a movie on Monday with mom and dad and some great friends who I am so excited to say are PREGNANT!!!! Yay! Can't say who yet, because they haven't told everyone. Waiting for the first trimester to be over first! Very soon though!!! Yesterday, Michael and I just hung out and didn't do much. Last night I went to dinner at Nantucket with mom. It was yummy! Michael made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning. I can't remember who gave us that awesome waffle maker, but THANK YOU! We love it. Lol. It is just like the ones they had in the dining hall at UNC.

Well... I'm off to the south end for a little while. I'll be back soon though to get packed and ready for our super awesome vacation/business trip!!! :o)

let go laughing!!! ~


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