It's hard to believe that we have been married and been homeowners for just about four years now. I am always so happy when spring comes around and it is time to fill my planters and put new things on my hangers! I always have my ferns in the front and back and every year I like to pick something new and fun for all of my planters. We have wonderful landscaping, much of which was leftover from previous owners. We have big plans for the front garden but have yet to tackle that project.

This morning we stopped by Bean Traders for our morning coffee/ play date with Liz and little miss Dylan. Afterwards, we went to the mall and pushed the girls around in their strollers. When I got home it was finally warming up after our slight cold spell here in the south. I looked out back as the sun started shining and thought "it's time!!!" Michael was mowing the yard and cleaning up pine needles and I decided it was time for a trip to Lowes. As we left, the checkout boy said "dang! y'all must love flowers!"

This year my favorite choice is the hydrangeas!

I couldn't resist them! Mom even planted several in her back yard today! (Do you know my mom? She does not usually garden on her own!) They are beautiful. I have always loved hydrangeas. I even had them at my wedding on every table! My goal is to keep these alive and if they get bigger I plan to put them in the ground.

I got a few "ready to plant" mixtures for my planters and a gardenia bush for the side porch in a new planter. We got an awesome new porch for Christmas this year and I just had to add my plants to it. We've always only done the back and front porches, but this year I decided to expand my not so green thumb!

~still have to hang that fern~

I also always love a beautiful plant hanging outside of my kitchen window.

This is my driveway. The azaleas are in full bloom and I love them this year! The plant in front is a Japanese plant. It is a lace leaf Japanese maple. We have another one that is not quite as large. I think it is a beautiful plant that we can enjoy year round.

our big project is going to be in the top far right of this photo!

I forgot to take a picture of the BEAUTIFUL azaleas outside of my bedroom in the back yard. Oh my how they are beautiful this year.

I am SUPER excited about the home and garden show this weekend. We have gone for the past several years now and always get wonderful ideas for more projects!

That's all for now!

~let go laughing!


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