please stop growing up so fast

I know it happens. I knew it all along. It is the hardest thing to watch my baby grow up so fast. To know I will never get those moments back. I walked into her room after her afternoon nap today and found her standing up in her crib. We've already lowered it once because she figured out how to pull up onto it. Guess it will be lowered again tonight. 

Everyone always said "it goes by so fast." That my friends, is an understatement. I was just in the hospital... I just went into labor. Where did this little girl that is standing up, saying "mama" and going to sleep in her crib without a peep when laid down come from??? Where did that 8lb 9.5 oz baby girl go that they just put in my arms...??? 
Who is this little girl taking long naps on her own in her crib, sitting up on her own in the bathtub? Weren't we just scared to death, giving her a bath in the sling sitting on the sink? 
It really does fly by. I don't take a second of it for granted. I've realized that the time most important, is time spent with my little girl. I can't believe we are about to celebrate an entire HALF of a YEAR that has gone by with her in my life. I can't believe she is growing so fast and that SIX whole months have sped by like lightening. 

My friends, new moms, soon to be moms, anyone who thinks you might one day want to be a mom- really. It goes by so fast. I don't know what to tell you other than take it all in. Focus on your baby. Don't worry about your messy house, your cell phone, your dirty clothes... Heck, who cares if you only shower every other day. Spend time with that bundle of joy because they are only a small bundle for a millisecond and then they are grown. 

~let go laughing


  1. im depressed about this happening to mine and it's not even here yet!!!!!

  2. I know! It is seriously incredible how super fast it goes...


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