6 month stats and new routines

Though she won't be 6 months until next week, she had her "six month" check up and shots today. Dr. Clark couldn't believe how well she was "walking" while holding onto her daddy's hands. He said she is going to be a track star. Mommy left the room for the shots this time so I wouldn't cry! And, on the way home, we stopped and got a new pink pool for miss RQ since she did so well!

Her stats:
  • 27 inches (80th% for height),
  • 14.8 lbs (25th% for weight.)
What else did we learn? She can eat whatever we want to give her as long as it is no larger than a cheerio and can be easily crushed with your fingers. The only thing prohibited is honey. They also do not recommend a lot of sugar.

It's time- Self soothing and sleep training.


Although, Riley is such a good sleeper that I am not overly concerned about this. I do enjoy rocking her to sleep and I have never been a fan of letting her cry, but I do understand that she needs to learn to self sooth and put herself to sleep. It would not be good if she was 5 years old and I still was rocking her to sleep. Riley has slept through the night since around 4-6 weeks. We have been blessed. I know this. Recently she has started to wake up around 4:30-5am once a week or so and we asked the Dr. about it. He said it was normal for this age as babies start to realize things aren't the same. "Hey, when I fell asleep, mommy was holding me and now she is not!" He said we needed to start now at 6 months to help her fall asleep on her own. She has done this before and is usually fairly good at it, but to start this as a routine? A step in the direction of my baby growing up... I don't know if I am ready for this...

That being said, I just tried for her first nap. Michael was at work and it was just me and her. I thought I could give it a go and if I gave in, no one had to know. ;)

She got sleepy (rubbing her eyes and yawning) so I walked in her room, cut off the lights and told her she was such a big girl and it was time to go to sleep. I laid her down in her crib, kissed her and said it was time for a nap and walked away. She laid there talking to herself and cooing for about 5 minutes. Then I heard the whimper. My heart sunk... I couldn't give in. I had to do it. Dr. Clark knows what he is talking about and I trust him dearly. He put it this way... "When she is 3 and is throwing a tantrum because she wants chocolate, are you going to give in?" "You are teaching her what is best and she knows you love her." I believe him. She fussed for 3 minutes (not even a full out cry) and I walked in, patted her back and told her I loved her. I gave her another kiss and told her it was time to go to sleep. I walked out... She literally put herself right to sleep after just 2 more minutes of whimpering. He said after 2 days of this she will barely fuss at all. I hope he is right. I don't really believe in letting her full out scream her head off and if it gets that bad... I will just give in. ;) But, so far, so good!

Anywho- family and friends that live close by, keep an eye out for a special treat this week! ;)

~let go laughing!


We started our new bedtime routine tonight. We have never had an issue with her going to sleep, but Dr. C said she is at the age that she needs to have a routine and self sooth so if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she can easily fall back asleep instead of thinking "mommy was here when I went to sleep, where is she now?!" I already miss rocking her to sleep in my arms, but I know it is for the best and this routine is just as special. Her daddy wanted to give it a go tonight since he was home for bedtime. It went something like this:

Daddy read Riley a book (The Lorax) while feeding her what used to be and I guess still is her "bedtime" bottle. We started this all at 8:20 because she started to look sleepy and we needed to get it all done by her normal 9pm bedtime. At 8:30 she finished her bottle and we took her to the changing table to get her nighttime diaper and jammies on. After this, her daddy read a little bit more of the book and said their prayers. Then he stood up and talked to her for a few minutes telling her how much he loved her and how proud of her he was. He told her she was a big girl and she was going to go to sleep on her own tonight like she has before during many naps (several before we took the paci away but then I kinda felt bad so I started rocking her back to sleep for her naps again.) He laid her down in her crib and kissed her goodnight. She laid there for 6 minutes chatting to herself and cooing. Then she got a little fussy. We waited a lifetime 3 minutes and went in to comfort her. He laid her back on her belly and told her it was time to go to sleep. (Dr. C suggest showing no real emotion and talking to her in a very relaxed tone.) Her daddy told her he loved her and she was a big girl and it was time to go to sleep. He walked out and before he could turn around she was back up, hanging on to the bars of her crib with a little whimper (Really, it wasn't even a full out cry, I don't know how to explain it other than a "whimper" - I was happy about that fact!).(Dr. C warned us this would happen!) We didn't give in and in just TWO yes... TWO minutes, she was laying down on her own, sucking her thumb and fast asleep. I am so glad this isn't a real "cry it out" because I couldn't handle that. I really don't think I could. No really, I couldn't. I am not necessarily against it at this age... well... kinda. Ok, I am because I don't think I could let my baby cry in sadness and want me if I didn't have to... But, to each their own. Luckily, we are so fortunate that she is such a good self soother and it isn't a big fit, more a simple "fuss." Heck, I fuss when I am sleepy too!

Anyway, I am a proud mommy tonight of my sweet, sweet baby girl and it's time for bed now.

Here she is... sleeping so sweetly in her new jammies. :)

(And before you judge, Dr. C said she can sleep with her blankie!)

p.s. i WILL still be letting her take naps on my chest. Sorry, Doc! lol

Goodnight, moon.


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