busy busy busy

I love being a mommy! I love that my social calendar is filled now where as before I would work and do nothing else. This whole mommy gig is what I was put on this earth for. I cannot wait for the next couple of weeks to play out. We are going to our first gymboree gym class/ play date tomorrow with a few other S.Durham moms! I can't wait. Sunday, we are meeting with some girls I went to college with and lived with in Shaw. (shawla hollllla!) ;) I hang out with Heidi and Dillon pretty frequently, but I haven't seen Nicole or Jenna in years and I haven't even met Jenna's little boy, Brayden! I can't wait! We are going to lunch and then either Pullen Park or Marbles. Monday morning, we have story time at BT and my Pampered Chef party... Wednesday, we have a play date set for Daisy Cakes and the Farmer's Market. And the best of all is our surprise fun for next Sunday. I cannot wait to share, but must wait another day or two to insure I do not spoil anything. ;)

So, if you don't catch any blogs from me in the next little while- this is why! I look forward to all of the fun ahead and plan to share all of the details when it is over. Be on the lookout for pictures!

And last but not least, early voting starts TOMORROW- get out there and VOTE AGAINST! I will be picking up my yard sign on Sunday and plan to spread the word between now and May 8th as loud and as proud as I can!

~let go laughing!


  1. I LOVE Daisycakes!!!! I haven't been in so long! Sounds like lots of fun in store!! :)

  2. I know! You should join us next wednesday! we're going at 4:30!


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