sewing some more

I have really started to learn the machine. I may very soon be getting my very own machine and I cannot wait! This first item of choice is a bag I made to store all of my grocery bags in. You know- the days you forget the cloth grocery bags or are too lazy to go back to the car to get them... Yeh- so we recycle them and use them in our small bathroom and bedroom trash cans as liners. Since I have been a SAHM... I tend to have a lot more target bags. I don't know how that works. ;) lol- Anyway, I had one of these in my classroom and I thought I would give it a shot. It turned out OK. The next one will be longer to hold more bags though. I also may use elastic at the bottom instead of ribbon, but I liked how the ribbon looked better on this one because it matched.

I've also made several more mini bags for packing. When I pack, I like to organize for the ease of unpacking. I put lotions in one bag, bras and panties and socks and bathing suits... they all need their own bags! I have a couple and always want more so I decided to make some for me and some for Riley. I even made one for a friend who is a hair stylist to keep her combs in!

I also made a coffee cozy. I'm planning to make a few more of these in the next couple of days.

I got a ton of super cute fabric today. I got to use my military discount for 20% off today only for Presidents Day! Next up on my list- make Riley a dress, several more covers for the bjorne, bibs for my hungry - veggie eating little mini-me, an apron, an infinity scarf and more bags of course!!

That's all for now. Gotta go get some avocados mashed up into baby sized portions and in the freezer before they go bad!

~let go laughing!


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