more onesies, tutu's & sewing- and some randomness

I sewed tonight for the first time... Well, the first time actually knowing (kind of) what I was doing! I wont post pictures of that project yet. I also made some more onesies for Riley Quinn. You can see where I first made some here- I'd have to say, I am getting better. Don't mind the camera phone pictures, as I am too lazy to bring out the camera. You can also see my first set of tutu's here - but I feel like I have improved in that craft as well. :)
This is my favorite. Inspired from an etsy shop I had seen in the past, and I went with it.

I used the scraps from a dress we made Riley a while back to make a bow/flower- Then I went with that to make it into a "necklace." It's also not finished yet. I can't wait to reveal the final product! (***SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE!)

Ma-lolo made a matching skirt to go with this onesie. I had the ribbon from PB kids
and of course she needed something else with a "R" on it. Reminds me of the very first one I ever made for her here.

This tutu might be my best so far...

This tutu is not finished. I plan to add another color to it before March. It will go
with her St. Patty's leg warmers and another homemade onesie for her St. Patty's day outfit. :)

This pink tutu (pictured above) will be for the month of February... and well- anytime,
because what child of mine doesn't love pink!?

The next two are ma-lolo's projects. I will be making my own dresses by next week, hopefully.

Ma-lolo's version of a pillowcase dress. Of course she had to one up the simplicity of the patterns for an original pillowcase dress.

This is the skirt she made for Riley Q. to match the onesie I made her. I haven't posted the other dresses, pants and skirts she has sewn yet, but there will be a post coming soon dedicated to ma-lolo's awesomeness! (And, I will use my camera. lol)

Being a stay at home mom is so incredible. I love spending so much time with my Riley Quinn and spending the time she naps and sleeps to make her amazing little things. My mom always made me things as a child. She made my Halloween costumes, dresses, shirts, bows... it is so cool to be able to do the same for my little girl.

I also want to brag that I have booked SEVERAL photo sessions between now and June and I am super stoked! I am doing a family, a bride, two 3 months sessions, a 2 year session, a maternity session and my very first homecoming at Camp Lejeune if all goes as planned!

And while I am at it... let me give a HUGE shout out to my amazing husaband and Riley Quinn's daddy for finishing up his associates degree in business in March!!! He will take a few months off and hit the road to his bachelors soon after. I am so proud that he is working full time (working his butt off I might add), being a full time daddy and going to school full time. THAT my friends, is dedication and one amazing man! I love you, Michael. I am so proud of you.

Ok- I think I will go to sleep now. I have to be up to hit the treadmill bright and early! :)

~let go laughing

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Eta: it's finished and I looooooove it!!!


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