vegas, here i come!

I am SO happy that I was able to purchase a bathing suit from VS in my old size and am actually happy with how it fits!

This is me around 9 months pregnant...

This is my before picture that was posted in front of my treadmill since January...

...and this is my new suit! I actually bought it in pink and took it back today to get the black instead.
I still have three lbs to go to get to my "pre-pregnancy weight"- but I went off the pill last August and lost 5 lbs because of it. So, technically, I am right where I need to be with my weight and I am so happy to be here. I am 5'7'' so 125 is a great place to be. My BMI is normal, I eat healthy and I exercise. Yes, I have been blessed with good genes, but it's not like I just eat junk all the time and sit on my butt and stay skinny. I do work for it and I am proud of it. So, call this post bragging, that is OK with me. I deserve to be proud of myself and I am! I am so ready for Vegas now and I don't have to worry about not having anything to wear!

Ok- end brag post now.

~let go laughing


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