i'm getting better at this...

In middle school I started cross stitching... tried a little sewing here and there and was never too good at it. I've always helped mom cut the patterns, iron, etc. but never been good on the machine myself. I have the hardest time getting a straight line and honestly, I am so impatient that it is hard for me to take on big projects because I just want them done. In fact, about 3 summers ago, I got tired of sewing when Mom and I spent a good four days of our summer making the chair pockets, pillows and matching curtains for my classroom. THAT was a tough project. Mom's always made the curtains in her house and the beach house, but I just always helped.

Since Riley was born, or even a little before she got here, Mom has had the machine out again. We've made several dresses together- mom did the majority of the stitching... I have made the appliques before and small projects here and there... After my bags, coffee cozys and bibs- I think I am ready folks. This is it. THIS WEEK- I am making Riley Quinn a dress. Not helping... I AM MAKING IT. lol- Just wanted to share some more of my little projects. I've got several orders to make for clothes and when they are finished, I will post on here. Have to make another run to the fabric store!

my model in her adorable bib her mommy made her

this one is reversible with a ribbon tie.

this one is reversible with a snap but this picture was taken before I finished the outer stitch. lol


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