dear riley... big day today!

Riley Quinn!

You will be 17 weeks old tomorrow!

What a day you have had today! First, you went to your very first Carolina basketball game. We saw the girls play State and they won. EVERYONE had to stop and say how cute you were. (We already knew that!) ;) You had so much fun and really watched everything that was going on. I can't wait to get you to a boys game!

When we came home your daddy had to go to work since they were calling for "snow". Come on... it was 65 degrees yesterday! Well... you and I had fun, you giggled a ton and we played. Then we sat down for your dinner. I thawed out 1/2 a cube of squash, 1/2 a cube of carrots and we went to town. You LOVED it. You have had both of these foods already, but Dr. Clark said to be sure we didn't stop with one once we started introducing others. So tonight, I decided to try two. Well, you ate it ALL. So, I thawed a whole cube of avocado and you ate the whole thing! Riley Quinn!!! You are so grown. You laughed and talked through the whole thing and we had a blast. Then we went to ma-lolo's and I gave you a bath. You took a nap while I sewed a little bit. You just laid in the floor beside me. When you woke up, we looked outside and guess what...?? YOUR FIRST SNOWWW!!!! You weren't as excited as me, but we ran downstairs to tell ma-lolo. Like it was Christmas and Santa had just come. haha.

It was such a big day today and you are now fast asleep in your crib. I can't believe how fast you are growing. You aren't supposed to be crawling yet! SLOW DOWN little one. Mommy is sad seeing you grow up so fast.

On a side note- mommy got a little job to support our shopping habits and so we can go on trips with daddy when he goes for business! I will be tutoring for 6 hours on tuesdays and wednesdays at a school just down the road. It is perfect! You will stay home with daddy and sometimes ma-lolo and I wont be gone long. I will be home by 3:30 after your nap! It is only from March through the first week in June and then we will figure out what I'm doing next year. I'm hoping I will do this again, but if it doesn't work out, I will likely just sub and make my own schedule. I just have too much fun with you to go back to work! I love you Riley Quinn. Never forget that, little one.


~let go laughing
our back yard.

ma-lolo and grandy's back porch during your first snow

you ate so much tonight! big girl!!

your first carolina basketball game (girls)


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