dear tourists...

The tourists driving 25 down this island when the speed limit is 35 or 45 is crazy. We deal with it alllll year, but this weekend is one of the worst. Oh and don't forget, as soon as they get into town and hit the 25, I'll be darned if they don't go 40! lol. Believe me, I refuse to go to Surf City after tomorrow until at least Monday evening unless absolutely necessary. Don't get me wrong, I love all of our visitors, but I cannot stand the traffic, bridge and busy beaches/water.

Please feel free to add to my list as I will be doing frequently...

  • read the speed limit signs... DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT.
  • look at the beautiful houses in pictures, not while you're driving
  • do not ride your bike in the middle of the road
  • there IS a sandbar there, but we love to watch you hit it, so it's OK if you don't know how to read the markers...
  • you really don't need to dress up to go out to dinner - you're at the beach
  • wear sunscreen
  • please do not drive backwards in the parking lot at night... in the rain. There are more parking spots out there... I promise.
  • yes... I saw you almost bite the produce bag.. thank you for not when you spotted me. GROSS! Use your hands and pull it down- that is all it takes.
  • please never wear your tie dye "bathing suit cover-up" to the grocery store... ever again. The bathing suit alone would have been more appropriate. (oh, I wish I had thought to snap a picture here...)


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